Beyond the Flood: Avert Additional Problems in Three Simple Steps

Flooded StreetA storm usually lasts for only a few days. However, the preparation and cleanup can take more than a week. Also, the onslaught may only be less than a hundred hours, but it still feels like a lifetime.

Once a storm is over, you have to deal with water damage in your Utah home with help from pros like AAA Restoration. If there is flood, you have to wait for it to subside before you can see and tackle the damages. There is nothing much you can do about storms and flashfloods. However, there are simple ways that can prevent additional problems as you deal with the disaster’s impact.

Don an N-95 Respirator

Even if the basement is the only flooded area in your home, you can’t just go down there and check without wearing proper gear. Aside from waterproof coat, boots, gloves and goggles, you are also advised to don an N-95 respirator. You can wear any coat, boots, gloves and goggles as long as they cover your skin, feet, hands and eyes. But when it comes to masks, you have to wear an N-95 respirator.

It is not advisable to replace the recommended mask with a handkerchief, bandana, or any other fabric you can grab. Even a dust mask doesn’t make a good substitute. The moisture from the flood can lead to mold buildup. You have to wear an N-95 respirator to prevent headaches or allergies from inhaling too much mold spores.

Take Pictures

Hiring a pro can spare you from the tedious task of cleaning up and fixing your home after a disaster. However, you still have to be there to take pictures of the damaged parts. The pictures serve as your evidence once you file a claim on your insurance later on. Without such evidence, claiming from your insurance might turn out to be more stressful than it should be.

Know the Content of Cleaning Chemicals Before Using

There are instances wherein water damage in a Utah home only affects some items such as kitchenware and clothes. You can tidy up these things by yourself. However, you have to be careful when it comes to using cleaning chemicals. Don’t just mix everything you can grab because they might create toxic vapors.

Disaster cleanup is going to be stressful. Avoid further hassles by wearing proper gear when you assess the damage in your home. You should also take pictures for your insurance claim. Lastly, make use of cleaning chemicals wisely.