Controlling Humidity in the House

Your home is your castle, but you need to maintain it to make sure that humidity does not encourage the growth of mold and mildew. The humidity level in a house shouldn’t exceed 50 percent. A myriad of problems when the moisture level in the house is too high or too low, but there are ways to prevent these issues. Sometimes, it’s as simple as calling a window repair expert in Indianapolis.

When humidity is too high (above 50%)

Mold is likely to grow which can cause many health problems such as allergies, respiratory diseases, difficulty breathing and asthma attacks. Mold could also spread to your furniture and clothes. Mildew could spread in the bathroom, while unpleasant odors are present in the affected rooms.

Solution for high humidity levels in the house

You can open your windows if the humidity in your home goes beyond this point. The cooler temperature outside would help in lowering humidity.

If you have double-pane windows, your home could sustain humidity levels of around 50 to 55 percent and not get condensation on your windows. Double-pane windows act as dehumidifiers and condense water from the air until the relative humidity level inside drops.

Broken windows could also allow moisture into your home. Even if the window is only cracked, excess moisture could enter the house. Invite Indianapolis window repair experts as soon as possible and fix your glass windows.

When humidity is too low (below 30%)

If there is low humidity, people often develop t flaky, itchy, and dry skin. Lips may develop cracks, get chapped, and even bleed.

Your wall paint could begin to peel of off. Sometimes, your furniture paint will also peel off. Wooden furniture starts to warp and show signs of damage. If you have guitars, pianos, and violins, they may also warp.

Solution for low humidity levels in the house

When the moisture levels in the house are too low, you can use a humidifier to bring the humidity level to the required percentage. There are cool mist and warm mist humidifiers, both of which have water to bring moisture into a room.

You could also add a bowl of water near your furnace to put moisture in the air. You could also hang wet towels to dry out to introduce moisture into the air.

Protect your home and control humidity. Solve house issues as soon as you identify them and save money in the long run.