Extend Your Money’s Worth: A Guide to Equipment Hires in New Zealand

More and more business leaders are promoting hiring equipment over buying. Not only do you get the equipment you need for less, but you also free your business from long-term debt and maintenance costs.

But looking through directories, talking to endless representatives, and going through rental guides can be daunting. Here is a guide to help you narrow down that list of equipment hiring companies you have been trawling through.

Start with Recommendations

Ask your connections for recommendations. Make sure to ask about the equipment hires’ strengths and weaknesses, particularly their expertise and professionalism.

Look For Expertise and Reliability

The equipment hire company you choose should be able to recommend the right kind of equipment for your project and give you tips on additional supplies you may need. Most of all, they should be honest and reliable. Test the waters by sharing details of your project and compare how these different companies try to address your needs. Ask about their customer service hours or who you can reach in case of a problem.

Determine Proximity to Jobsite

This factor affects:

  • how quickly you could get the equipment;
  • how fast the company’s personnel can come to your site if there is a problem; and
  • how fast you can have the equipment replaced if needed.

If the companies you are considering have delivery charges, you will spend less on the transport of the equipment to your site if it is nearer.

Determine Equipment Availability

One of the benefits of hiring equipment is that rental companies turn their inventory regularly, giving you access to newer models. Try to find which companies have the models with the best safety features, fuel economy, and emissions controls.

You can also ask about additional fees, equipment maintenance, insurance, billing policies and policies for returns. Make sure you understand the equipment hire companies’ policies and that they understand your needs. When you find the right provider, your diligence will pay off. You will improve your business’ balance sheet, and you could lessen the risk of work site problems.