Filing a Disability Claim: Know Your Rights

Filing a disability claim is hard, but not receiving the benefits from your insurance company is dreadful. You would have to consider getting the services of disability insurance lawyers in Los Angeles, California.

These professionals will be able to give you a better chance of obtaining the benefits that are rightly yours. They can discuss a disability settlement, proceed legal action if it’s needed, or level the playing arena against the insurance company.

Your lawyers serve as advocates who will do their best to guard your rights under the disability laws and your insurance policy. They understand that gathering the benefits exchange for lost income can be quite crucial, which is why they will help you and your insurance company work out your differences.

The experts at Haffner Law explain that these are some of the things your lawyer can do for you. 

1. Analyze the disability denial and claim documents, and instantly identify errors made by the insurance company.

2. Discuss a fair and just disability settlement.

3. Chase after existing legal remedies, like litigation or arbitration, under the disability law.

4. Request and gather essential files to corroborate the disability case, such as financial evidence from the IRS, employer statements on hours and wages, and medical records.

5. Back you up when you’re testifying at a hearing and summon significant witnesses.

6. End the insurance company’s harassment to try and disprove that your loved one is disabled.

7. Lessen the processing time for the settlement of the disability case by filing the necessary documents.

Besides guiding you through the procedures and documentation, a skilled disability advocate will know how to defend your loved one to acquire their well-deserved benefits. They will also make sure that the Law recognizes your right. In these instances, a disability insurance lawyer is your best ally.