How Can You Improve Your Memory for Tests?

MemoryHave you ever felt that you know the answer to the test question, but can’t seem to recall it? This has happened to many test takers. This is why it’s important to improve memory, so that you don’t have to worry about these moments preventing you from getting the score you want.

Instructors for online classes for high school students list the following ways you can improve your memory for tests:

Use a Mind Palace

Mind palaces are places where you can store information and expand it if you think it is necessary. Here’s how it can work for you:

  • It starts with visualizing a road or structure, then once you see it clearly, start adding details such as what’s on and in it.
  • Connect the images with pieces of information you’d like to recall such as formulas or phrases. Think about the connections in depth and remember the associated images to recall them once you’re taking a test.
  • To remember information while taking a test, follow the same steps you took through the road or structure you built in your head, then pick the items out associated with the formula or phrase you want to recall.

Music Association

Another effective way to remember facts and formulas is to set them to music. Create a tune for the rhyme you made about the periodic table or the names of important people for your history or science test. Once you recall the tune, it is easier to remember the facts you need for the test.

Make a Story

One of the ways to absorb and recall information effectively is to create a story around it. The narrative must connect the pieces of information cohesively. You can use names of people and places as associations with formulas and facts.

These are some of the strategies that enable you to remember information for tests easier. Try these to determine which one works best for you.