Install a Bike Shelter and Give Your Business an Edge

It may come as a surprise, but building a bike shelter can give your shop an edge in the market. It means that you will attract a horde of shoppers who are keen on keeping their precious bicycles safe and secure.

With recreational and commuter bikes pricing over £350, buying one is quite an investment. To this end, they will go to great lengths to keep them safe and secure. And this is where bike shelters in the UK come in the picture.

Bicycles are a popular means of transportation in the UK. Better yet, they double up as a workout method. Helping biking enthusiasts keep their ride safe while visiting your shop may actually boost your foot traffic. Here are other reasons to convince you:

Helps client’s escape sun damage

Leaving bikes in direct sunlight, especially for long hours, can result in considerable losses. Fading paint is the most apparent effect of prolonged exposure to the sun. When exposed to sunlight, the bonds between the paint molecules break up, causing the colour to fade and lose its allure.

The damage does not stop there, as the plastic components begin to degenerate as well. Providing bike owners with shelter against the sun keeps their maintenance costs low. The thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed, and it is rewarded in the form of returning business and brand loyalty. It means that you are assured of a horde of returning customers keep to keep their bikes in tiptop shape.

Easy to setup

Given the slim nature of most bikes, such shelters are easy to construct, and they will not set you back a fortune. Shelter designs are flexible enough to fit any space that you might have. If your space is limited, you can use one of your brick walls.

You will only need to add a shading awning and slap a few hooks and stands in place. It may be simple, but it will keep the bike safe from the elements and help owners secure them from theft.

Catering to the needs of bike enthusiasts, especially keeping their bicycles safe from the elements and theft, can give you an edge on the market. Customers appreciate the convenience and will keep coming back to your business premises.