Invisalign is Your Smile’s Superhero

If crooked teeth are the bane of your existence but the way popular culture depicts brace-wearing characters — either they remain outcasts or they are cruelly bullied by jocks and cheerleaders — has scared you away from getting your much-needed dental fix, fret no more.

Invisalign is here to save the day.

No, Invisalign is not the newest superhero in the extended DC Comics Universe but it might as well be declared as the newest emancipator of the world’s underdogs on account of its pure awesomeness. Why? Because getting Invisalign in the UK will save your smile, and your self-esteem while staying invisible. Unlike traditional braces that are like slogans that say “hey, look at my crooked teeth,” Invisalign works behind-the-scenes, stealthily, like Batman, which makes it marvellous.


Dental practitioners agree that wearing Invisalign results to zero discomfort. You only need to wear it 22 hours/day for you to see your desired results.


Not only does Invisalign hide the fact that you are under a teeth-straightening period, it also makes your teeth look extra sparkly. This is because this mouthpiece is made of clear and shiny plastic whose otherworldliness is akin to kryptonite. What this means for you is that you will not have to explain anything to anyone because they probably won’t even notice.

Yes, Invisalign shields you from potential teeth-related shades from meanies.


You can sleep and eat without your Invisalign tray. This is something you can’t do with traditional braces which only your dentist can tinker with.

The fact that it’s removable means your dental hygiene routine is not affected while you are getting your straightening treatment. This eliminates your susceptibility to darkened or discoloured teeth due to prolonged wearing of traditional braces. More importantly, there’s no need to fear the possibility of an attack from the supervillain called Halitosis.

It’s about time you call for help. Crooked teeth are a battle you need to fight alongside something with superpowers. Let Invisalign save your smile.