Mitsubishi Auto Parts: OEM or Aftermarket?

Car PartsWhen your Mitsubishi vehicle breaks down because of a broken part, you naturally have to look for replacement Mitsubishi parts.

You may initially be inclined to purchase genuine Mitsubishi parts, and then you discover that you can buy a non-Mitsubishi replacement part, both of which you can buy from reputable vendors such as Auckland Motors.

Which part should you get, the auto part made by Mitsubishi or a different manufacturer?

OEM versus Aftermarket

The dilemma you face has been experienced by consumers the world over. You have to choose between Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and aftermarket parts. OEM parts mean the parts made by the original manufacturer, in this case, Mitsubishi.

In contrast, aftermarket parts mean the auto parts made by other manufacturers besides Mitsubishi.

Genuine Manufacturers As Well

On a side note, aftermarket manufacturers make genuine parts, not fake ones. These parts can be copies of OEM parts. They can also be enhanced parts that specifically mean to modify vehicle performance.

The Good of OEM

Now, OEM parts offer the benefits of exactness, great quality, and warranty. OEM parts, since made by Mitsubishi itself, can perfectly replace broken parts of your Mitsubishi vehicle. You receive a warranty of usually one year. You have an assurance that the part has a high standard.

The Bad Outweigh the Good of Aftermarket

In comparison, aftermarket parts offer affordable pricing, wider selection, and quality that can be better than OEM. However, aftermarket parts vary greatly in quality; only few aftermarket parts ever exceed the quality of OEM parts.

The vast selection of aftermarket parts and brands can also overwhelm you because of your unfamiliarity to them. Aftermarket parts also usually come without warranties.

OEM Remains the Best

Such risks associated with aftermarket parts can make it disadvantageous for you and other average car owners.

Unless you are a passionate car enthusiast who knows how to modify vehicles using excellent quality aftermarket parts, you may just end up with a bad aftermarket part that can spell even more damages to your vehicle. Genuine Mitsubishi parts remain your best option.

Once you have a vehicle breakdown, you can source OEM replacement parts from a Mitsubishi dealer here in Auckland.